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Triathlons are a sport that emphasizes flexibility and athleticism like no other. But even if you are comfortable with each section of the race, you might realize that putting them all together is difficult and exhausting. If you struggle to keep your energy levels up when completing a triathlon, there are hundreds of useful tips online that you should keep in mind for improving endurance and finishing strong.


Nerves Are Wasteful

Saying “Don’t be nervous” isn’t particularly helpful, but nerves can be damaging to your endurance in multiple ways. When you’re nervous you are also tense, and all that tension both reduces your strength and reduces your endurance. Getting a massage the day before a big race, or even picking up yoga, can be more helpful for endurance than you might assume.

Keep your Pacing

The pace is critical for an endurance sport. You don’t want to waste your energy at the start of the race, but you don’t want to save everything for the last few minutes either. When training, focus on finding the race-day pace that pushes you to your limits without exhausting your reserves.

Mix Up Training

Keeping pace is important, and finding the right balance of speed and endurance can make all the difference. But when you train, don’t fall into one rhythm forever. Changing up your pace can help build the different types of muscle fibers (fast vs slow) that come together for a stellar performance.

Don’t Overdo It

One of the most common triathlon training methods is called a ‘brick session.’ This consists of a long bike ride followed by a run, and it trains nearly every muscle in your legs. Exhaustion afterward causes your legs to feel like bricks, hence the name. These are the best methods, but also the most exhausting, and there can be a long recovery period before you’re back to top shape. Be cautious with these kinds of all-in workouts, particularly the week of a meet.

Fuel Yourself Properly

Lastly, endurance starts in the kitchen. The most important parts of your diet are protein and carbohydrates. Protein should be easy to digest, so liquid forms like a protein shake and milk are excellent protein sources for post-workout recovery. Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred fuel source, so carb-loading the day before a big race can be the smart choice.