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Top-performing athletes carry unique traits that help them stand out from the average athlete and exceed in their sport. These characteristics develop over time, whether it’s from experience or runs in their family. Individuals who start playing sports from a young age are given the most opportunity to grow and gain the best characteristics. Here are the best characteristics that top-performing athletes share.



To be successful, an athlete must know how to hold themselves accountable for their actions outside of their sport. Some may have an image to uphold and must be a leader at all times. This also means that they hold their teammates and coaches accountable for their actions. Setting realistic expectations will help those who have a hard time with accountability as there will be a lot of ups and downs during a sport.



The top-performers should be able to balance their humility and ego to build healthy confidence. Being full of yourself can get to your head and get in the way of your performance. By motivating yourself and knowing what you’re capable of, you will perform to the best of your ability. If you aren’t confident in yourself, it can be challenging for others to believe in you.


Stay Curious

Athletes who are consistently reading, listening, and learning more about their sport become some of the best. Having the drive to excel in your area of expertise shows that you’re committed and curious about what you can do better at all times. By leveraging knowledge from one task to another, they can efficiently transfer skills. There is always something new to learn, so don’t get too comfortable with what you already know.



Top-performers should always have a positive attitude and outlook, whether during practice or a championship game. They can accept failure and use it as a learning experience. This should start within your life because if you’re not positive during your day to day life, then it can be hard to stay positive while playing a sport. Staying positive is one of the most vital skills as you can enjoy playing your sport and not look at it as a job you go to every day.