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A triathlon is a real test of an athlete’s endurance. Unlike marathons and other popular races, triathlons force you to do a lot more than just run long distances. In addition to running, you will also need to swim in open water and ride a bicycle to get to the finish line. Luckily, this popular event comes in several different varieties to ensure athletes of all skill levels can attempt to finish one. These are the four different types of triathlon distances.


Sprint Triathlon

The shortest form of a triathlon is called a sprint. This is perfect for newcomers looking to compete in their first endurance competition. You will be asked to swim 750 meters during a sprint triathlon. You will also have to run 3.1 miles and ride a bike for 12.5 miles. It may be the shortest version of the race, but it still involves a lot of physical activity. Focus on improving your times before moving on to a longer race.


Standard Triathlon

The next level of this popular race is the standard triathlon. This is the version of the triathlon used during the Olympics and other international events. The standard triathlon has been an official Olympic sport since the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. You will need to swim .93 miles, run 6.2 miles and bike for 25 miles in order to complete the standard triathlon. The best in the world can complete this race in just under two hours.


Half-Ironman Triathlon

If you are looking for a little more of a challenge than the one presented to Olympic athletes, then you can try out the half-ironman triathlon. You will have to last for more than 70 miles in order to complete this race. A total of 1.2 miles will be completed in the water. Once you leave the water, you will have to run for 13.1 miles and bike for 56 miles.


Ironman Triathlon

When it comes to triathlon distances, they do not get any longer than the ironman triathlon. This race includes a full marathon of running on top of the other two sections. The swimming section lasts for 2.4 miles while the biking section is completed after traveling 112 miles. This is the ultimate test of endurance.