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Predominantly rugged and mountainous, Italy is a country that has several challenging bicycle courses. In the southern part of the “Boot,” however, there are easier routes that provide enjoyment of the Italian landscapes’ beauty and culture.

Here are some of Italy’s popular bicycle courses:


  1. Lake Garda Tour

Located in the northeastern part of Italy, Lake Garda is an area in Italy’s largest Tuscany region that appeals to many as it has both high mountains capped with snow and picture-book towns that sit beside deep, sparkling lakes. The diverse landscape is beautiful and there are routes for various levels of riders that include views of medieval walls. There is also rugged terrain marked by the Apuane Mountains, where steep hills and low valleys intersect challenging routes for mountain bikers. For those who prefer easier ways, there is

Crete Senesi in the south of Tuscany that offers comfortable trails. June through September is best for cyclists.


  1. The Veneto

A ride well suited for the occasional rider, the Veneto begins in Verona, the home of Juliet and Romeo that still has a coliseum. This journey follows a flat route by the Adige River and winds past the Custoza vineyards where white wine is produced. Farther on, the road gradually descends to Valeggio sul Mincio, a medieval village with an ancient bridge. Any time from June to September is best for this route.


  1. Puglia Grand Tour

Puglia is on the eastern coast of Italy at the country’s heel with miles of scenic beauty, including spectacular beaches and numerous archaeological and historical sites. Spring is the best time to ride since bicyclists can enjoy cooler weather and the trees’ lovely blossoms and the fields of wildflowers. Fall is also pleasant.


Described as “otherworldly,” this region known for its cypress trees has an idyllic ride that weaves through medieval villages, rolling hills and winding roads. There are popular tours composed of nine divisions that cyclists can take, lasting anywhere from 45 minutes to several miles. The routes afford views of turquoise seas, olive groves, medieval villages and the ancient walled city of Acaya. Cyclists can easily enjoy this beautiful region surrounded by three magnificent turquoise seas.


  1. Giro d’Italia

This route traverses several quaint small towns. For a photo stop, there is a 17th-century watermill, Molinetto della Croda. This route is suited to recreational riders and is best taken from June through September.