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Beginning triathletes often face a vast menu of equipment choices. Also, there’s no doubt that their first bike is frequently a new triathlete’s most intimidating purchase. Plus, a new triathlon bike can easily make a significant dent in any savings account. With those considerations in mind, what are the top bikes for beginner triathletes?


Cannondale CAAD13 105

Buying a less-expensive aluminum road bike can be an excellent way for beginning triathletes to get into the sport without breaking the bank. Cannondale, a bike manufacturer that’s been around for decades, offers a model — the CAAD13 105 — that can work well for the beginner triathlete. The bike also comes with road race geometry and a quality Shimano 105 component mix. With the CAAD13 105, a new triathlete can get into the sport at a non-threatening price, even after adding an aero bar. Aluminum makes for a very stiff bike frame, though, so keep in mind that ride comfort may not be as high as carbon fiber.


Felt B Performance

For beginner triathletes, the Felt B Performance offers a great combination of price, design, weight, materials, and components. The B Performance features a road bump-absorbing carbon fiber frame and fork matched with upper-level Shimano components. This bike also comes complete with aero bars and aerodynamic wheels for training and racing. Plus, equipment includes bar-end shifters and other features new triathletes should have on their first sport-specific triathlon bike.


Giant Trinity Advanced

Giant offers a dizzying array of bikes of all types. Its Trinity Advanced triathlon bike is highly versatile. You can race this bike at all distances, from short sprint events to longer Olympic-length races up to ultra or Ironman distances. The Giant Trinity Advanced is higher in price than the Felt but not excessively so. However, this triathlon bike comes with a comfortable and durable composite frame and a mix of Shimano 105 and other quality components.


Fit Matters

Never purchase any road or triathlon bike without first ensuring that it fits properly. Any good bike store will measure you and tell you the ideal bike size for your body. Remember: Poor fit can lead to excessive discomfort and fatigue on the bike. A poor-fitting bicycle can also cause problems for triathletes when they begin the run.