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As life as in sports, there is a process that an athlete has to go through to become successful in their desired sport. There is a physical process that needs to be done concerning preparation for one’s success. It may involve many trips to the weight room for workouts in the upper body and lower body. There is also a mental preparation process that an athlete must endure ensuring that they are at their best.


In this piece, we will go over the various nuances in which a triathlete can achieve success.


First of all, triathletes achieve success due to the fact that they are brutally honest with themselves. A triathlete has to start at the position that they are comfortable with. If a triathlete knows that they are an average or novice swimmer, it may not be a good idea to start a triathlon with triathletes that are above-average swimmers. If a triathlete puts themselves in this type of position, they may risk being left behind and may feel unmotivated. Thus, a successful tri-athlete is honest about where they are with their current skillset.


A successful triathlete has to have incredible dedication, even to the point of obsession. Their rituals and level of preparation have to be done at an above-average level. A triathlete has to train several hours per day. A healthy focus makes for success as a triathlete.


When one becomes a triathlete, one has to look past their fears and insecurities and develop resiliency. It is easy to look for a triathlete to look at a problematic bicycle course or swimming course and be intimidated. Yet, one builds bravery in taking on these challenges. Also, failure is not the end of the world. If a tri-athlete fails to win or do well in a certain race, they can still experience growth. After all, one can only grow in this sport by failing forward. If a triathlete understands that, he or she will be successful.


Finally, a successful triathlete has the trait of patience. It’s going to take time to reach individual goals in a triathlon. A triathlete must be understanding of this critical fact.