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There are several types of sneakers on the market for triathletes and runners. The need for running shoes has expanded to include several used for certain forms of exercise. As the market for sneakers for running has grown, most runners have two pairs in rotation at any time. The latest sneakers offer designs for a specific exercise, including gym shoes and carbon-plated runners. Triathlon Magazine reports that the basic trainer worn every day is the perfect choice for a multi use shoe.


Trainers for Beginners

When you are setting out on your running career, the humble trainer is a perfect choice. Experienced runners keep trainers in their locker for days when they are heading out for a training run. The trainer offers comfort and reliability when you are on the road, no matter what type of terrain you cover. Trainers should form one of the two pairs of sneakers a runner has in rotation at all times.


Flats for Speed

If you take your role as a runner seriously, you will need to spend days on the track to increase your speed. Wearing flats helps a runner to achieve their best in training on track days. A drawback of flats is their high cost, which means wearing trainers to warmup can preserve the life of these running shoes.


Achieve a Podium Spot With Carbon-Plated Flats

Flats increase your speed on the track, but carbon-plated running shoes increase your podium chances. Buying carbon-plated running shoes should be reserved for runners and triathletes hoping to improve on their personal best. Carbon-plated running shoes will improve performance when a runner is looking to develop their moderate to high speed sprinting. If you are setting out on your running career, the best option is to invest in multiple pairs of trainers instead of carbon-plated running shoes.


Gym Shoes

Depending on how seriously you take your running or triathlon performance, you will spend some time in the gym. Gym shoes have flat bottoms and offer little support for running. Wearing gym shoes for running could lead to serious injury, but they are designed for weightlifting and other gym classes.


If you have decided to take your running seriously, you need to find the shoes to help you achieve your goals as an athlete.